Christmas in Lace Town

Old wooden houses and courtyards with twinkly Christmas lights, snow-covered roofs and streets, and a clear, starry sky. The Lace Town will once again be filled with the warm, joyous, and peaceful spirit of Christmas.

New elements have been added to the visual look of Christmas in Lace Town

All the elements presented in the guidelines can still be used freely in the marketing of Christmas in Lace Town.

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Photo gallery

The Christmas in Lace Town was celebrated in Rauma from November 25, 2022 to January 7, 2023. Numerous Christmas events and programme were organized in the city.

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Christmas story

A long time ago, a group of particularly charismatic and skillful Christmas elves arrived in the port of Rauma after sailing the seas as stowaways. These elves came from a family known for their lace making skills. They will always seize the opportunity to decorate and dress up, both in everyday life and for festivities. The elves love everything that is beautiful, atmospheric and delicious. Beauty is in the details and in the craft itself, they say. That’s why they came to Rauma.

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Christmas story