For a local operator

Rauma is a city where skilled and beautiful Christmas elves live. The elves invite people to join the Christmas magic of the lace town.

The Rauma Christmas City complex is a multi-year project. The goal is to increase the recognition of Rauma as a Christmas town, gain visibility nationally and internationally, and attract more tourists to Rauma year-round. Christmas in Lace Town will be organised in Rauma again 23.11.2023–6.1.2024.

Numerous interesting events and the town’s Christmas look, which includes fairy-tale like houses, atmospheric snowflakes and cheerful elves, make Christmas feel alive in Rauma.

Lace City’s Christmas is built every year as a collaboration between the city, various stakeholders and the townspeople.

On this page, you can familiarize yourself with the exhilarating Christmas story of the Christmas town and its background material, which is intended for local operators as inspiration and a starting point for their own creativity. You can freely grasp the visual appearance of the material and the ideas and carry them forward creatively in your own activities.

Idea Bank for the whole city

This year, the Christmas related suggestions received from the townspeople and others interested in Rauma will be collected in an idea bank, which will be published on the Lace Town Christmas website. The city of Rauma is not responsible for the implementation of these ideas, but they are free for everyone to use. Leave your Christmas idea in the Lace City Christmas 2023 idea bank with an electronic form.

Theme for 2024 and target groups

Lace Town Christmas theme to be published in spring 2024.

Target groups

  • People who like Christmas
  • Families with children
  • Couples, also friends
  • Groups
  • Travellers