Photo Gallery 2023

The Christmas in Lace Town was celebrated in Rauma from November 25, 2023, to January 7, 2024. The Christmas lights in Savilanpuisto and the Christmas Tree Alley on Vähäraastuvankatu will be on until 13 January 2024.

Rauma Christmas Market, Savilanpuisto’s illuminations, the musical “Joulevangeeljum,” and Christmas Elf Courtyard in Tammela were among the highlights of Christmas in Lace Town in 2023. In addition to these, the city offered numerous other Christmas events for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The delicious and immersive Rauma Christmas Market charmed visitors in the heart of the Old Rauma UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2023, the city focused specifically on the market’s grandeur, overall development, and atmospheric execution.

Savilanpuisto was adorned with a spectacle of lights. Fourteen trees in the park were illuminated with warm-toned light strips. Additionally, illuminated angel wings and two adorable light deer were placed in the park area.

Once again, the street Kitukränn was adorned with the light and sound installation “Finland’s Smallest Christmas Street” by the visual artist Jaakko Niemelä.

The Christmas tree alley leading from the market square to Christmas Elf Courtyard in Tammela was covered with a magnificent light canopy once again.

Christmas Elf Courtyard in Tammela, with its atmospherically lit courtyard, delighted visitors of all ages until January 2. Visitors could peek into the secret hiding places and cellars of the elves. For children, there were elf tours, lantern adventures, and Christmas crafting workshops.

Indoors in Tammela, there was a Christmas decoration exchange market and the Gingerbread Workshop Café run by young entrepreneurs. Visitors also had the opportunity to admire Santa Claus’s workshop in Tammela.

The musical “Joulevangeeljum”, presented in the form of a parade, filled the streets of Old Rauma on Friday, December 15, and Saturday, December 16. Approximately 8,000 spectators attended the dress rehearsal and the three performances.

The cast included about 300 people, and the production involved more than 80 behind-the-scenes personnel. The play was written by Arto Myllärinen and composed by Lasse Heikkilä. The direction was by Arto Myllärinen and Ani Hassinen.